About Us

Dr. Alissa Levy, Principal 

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Dr. Alissa Levy graduated with her doctorate in Urban Public School Administration from the University of Southern California and has degrees in English, Math and Brain Research. A public school teacher for 12 years, Alissa has held many positions including math teacher, instructional coach, PTA board member and education consultant for Boeing, Inc. Alissa attributes these successes predominately to her foundational experiences as a Montessori student in her early childhood and elementary years. In her free time, Alissa enjoys participating in community activities such as 5K runs and cultural festivals. She is an avid ice skater as well. Alissa hails from a long line of public school educators who inspire her as she embarks upon the culmination of a personal dream to establish a school wherein all children are invited to develop to their unique gifts in a supportive, nurturing, and inclusive environment.



Board of Trustees

Kia Levey, President
Erik Clemons, Vice President
Mira Debs, Secretary
Alicia Caraballo (New Haven Board of Education member)
Eliza Halsey (ECMS Executive Director)
Keith Krolak (ECMS Parent)
Alissa Levy (ECMS Principal)
David Low (NHPS Teacher)