Erdkinder (ages 12-15)

Erdkinder classrooms are designed to meet the learning and developmental needs of the 12-15 year old adolescent, based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision of a student-centered classroom that fosters community.  Curriculum in the Humanities, Math, and sciences are presented seminar-style by passionate teachers that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Multi-layered projects allow for the integration of academic disciplines, while differentiation is provided to meet individual needs.  Assignments and instructional strategies, that recognize the needs and tendencies of the teen brain, are used, with opportunities provided for learning outside the classroom, in one’s own community, and on the land. 

The Montessori Erdkinder classroom is built on the understanding that adolescents at this stage of development…

  • are building their understanding of subjects’ structure and knowledge
  • are focused on artistic, social, and internal communication
  • have the ability for creatively engaging with profit-driven occupation
  • have an orientation to what it means to make a contribution of society
  • are balancing individual initiative in relation to community goals
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