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Charter Renewal Hearing

Please attend the Board of Education’s Charter Renewal Hearing at the Celentano school.  This is an important meeting to ensure our charter is renewed.

How can families help?

  • We are asking all families to attend, either in person, or via a written letter to the Board of Education.  Ask your friends, family and community leaders to support a 5-year charter renewal for ECMS.
  • We are also encouraging families to testify at the hearing.  Share your story with the BOE and tell them how ECMS has made a difference in the lives of your child(ren) and family.
  • Write a letter of support to the New Haven BOE, sharing why ECMS is important to you and request a 5-year charter renewal for ECMS. Letters of support may be submitted to the front desk and ECMS will deliver them to the BOE.